Disclosure Forms for 722 Market Street


Disclosure Packets  include the  following forms:

    1. REA addendum
    2. Subdivision Plat  (Plat # 21439 at Platts.net)
    3. Property Disclosure/Disclaimer Statement
    4. Maryland State and Federal Lead Paint Addendums
    5. Convey List

6. Copy of Tax Bill
    7. Copy of Survey

                         Download All Disclosures
           Please Read All of the Following Information....

* Sellers  prefers settlement at end of May or June 1 with possible option to rent back for a few days.

* All contracts must include a buyer's financial  statement, and a lender's letter. Direct endorsement lenders are preferred. The loan officer's name, office phone number and cell number must be included in the letter.

* Please use MAR contracts and include the Montgomery County Jurisdictional Addendum

* No home sale contingencies.

* Sellers prefer settlement at local Montgomery County settlement office.  
Village Settlements (Gaithersburg) is excellent and discount coupons are usually available.


We have a definite preference for hand delivered original contracts.       
Directions to Office

Contracts will also be accepted by email (pdf files) at:
Faxed Contracts should be sent to
Please adjust your fax setting to fine print or 300 dpi.

Please call to register contracts before delivery.
Verify delivery on all contracts sent by fax or email.
Please number pages on any faxed contracts.