Thank you.


Your  request to see Ann's "Haunted Listing"
has been successfully transmitted.


Ann's  "special" assistant is anxious to
meet you for a  private showing. 
Although he does not have an electronic  key pad
for the lockbox,
he assures us,  he doesn't need one to get in.

Igor will meet you when you arrive. Knock loud at the front door, or look for his car parked near the garden in back. 


Hi, I'm Igor
and I am happy to serve you....

Call me for all your Real Estate needs.


Actually, Igor cleans up pretty well. 

Just give him at least 30 minutes to prepare for your arrival and ....
Try not to worry.


Look for  Igor's Car



"Haunted Property" 
by Ann Joliet Realtor




Disclosure:  This haunted listing does not really exist.
 If you are looking for real listings,
visit Ann Joliet's Virtual Online Real Estate office at:




By the Way...

Trick or Treat!














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